View Full Version : New Features Discovered On Mercury Could Be Evidence Of Hydrogen Geysers And Metallic

2011-Nov-01, 10:11 PM
Please do your research before posting articles. This "Marvin T Herndon" guy is clearly a fringe scientist at best, and a crackpot at worst (e.g. he believes that earth formed as a gas giant, that there's a nuclear reactor at earth's core, and that plate tectonics is entirely due to "planetary decompression"). So why was this posted to the UT site?

Describing anyone as an "independent scientist" and a "maverick" should ring warning bells.

2011-Nov-01, 10:30 PM
How long has it been since you’ve taken a good look at Mercury? For the backyard astronomer, all we’ll ever see is the speedy little planet as a bright crescent a few times a year. But, for the MESSENGER spacecraft, Mercury isn’t quite as boring as you might think! Some strange new features have been [...]

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