View Full Version : Kepler Space Telescope Mission Extension Proposal

2011-Nov-02, 12:50 PM
Some potentially good news for exoplanet fans, and Kepler fans in particular – Kepler scientists are asking for a mission extension and seem reasonably confident they will get it. Otherwise, funding is due to run out in November of 2012. It is crucial that Kepler receive renewed funding in order to continue its already incredibly [...]

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2011-Nov-02, 01:27 PM
Man, Lets hope so. I wasn't aware funding ran out before Kepler had the 4 years or so required to nail down earth type planets. IIUC Planets in similar goldilocks orbits to Earth will take roughly an earth year between transits and we need at least 3 transits to nail them down as planets. I would be appalled if we stopped short.