View Full Version : Astronomy Without A Telescope – Inconstant Supernovae?

2011-Nov-05, 08:30 PM
Given the importance of Type 1a supernovae as the standard candles which demonstrate that the universe’s expansion is actually accelerating – we require a high degree of confidence that those candles really are standard. A paper released on Arxiv, with a list of authors reading like a Who’s Who in cosmology and including all three [...]

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2011-Nov-06, 04:55 PM
Fraser. "Viewing angle may have an effect on luminosity", from a consortium of many authors in the paper, was first noted in my Winter Course in Nuclear and Particle Physics for High School Teachers paper submitted to U. Northeastern Dept Head proctoring the course and presented at Vassar College at the A.A.P.T. meeting in 1992, again @ Williams College in 93, and at Harvard's Olney Science Center, spring of 94 (Matt Damon & Ben. Affleck talk). This idea is not new. Been there, done that. pete