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2004-Jul-12, 06:53 PM
I posted a while back that my local astronomy club was looking into building this: Project Argus (http://www.wacaso.org/wcasargus.html)

The land that was originally being looked at for the location was shot down. They have now found a new site for Argus and are about two weeks from closing 8)

They say construction should begin in September =D>

They really great thing is is that this facility will be within a ten minute drive from my house. :P

2004-Jul-13, 09:43 AM
Aww, man that sounds so wonderful! :D

Congratulations, i'm happy for you! :D :D :D

Charlie in Dayton
2004-Jul-13, 10:24 PM
...hmmm...150 miles...a 2 1/2 hour drive...we gotta keep up to speed on this one...


2004-Jul-14, 04:28 AM
That's a 3.5 hour trip I'd be more than willing to make!

2004-Jul-14, 10:12 AM
All right, Nighthawk! I see WCAS has a set of humor links--to observe and relfect. :)

How is the project (http://www.badastronomy.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?p=225214#225214) funded?

2004-Jul-14, 11:00 AM
Really loved these two from Hitchhiker's Guide To Astronomy:

Experts/Experienced Amateurs (the group you want to be in):

Most importantly, "experts" have spent several tens of thousands of dollars on optical tube assemblies (OTA's) and eyepieces, generally preferring an instrument and eyepieces that meets the following criteria:

1. objective diameter does not exceed eyepiece diameter by more than 2:1 ratio (it is considered bad taste);

2. Any instrument from a big three maker (infra) must be accompanied by an excuse, such as "Though my 42mm APO from X is a real gem, I wanted a more grab and go scope for the backyard, so I bought this 16" reflector" Experts in training are often allowed to buy big-three instruments by professing that they are saving money for an apochromatic refractor (q.v.) of notably restricted aperture.

3. The star test must be perfect; even though its results are dubiously applicable to in-focus images, the knowledge that you have a scope that star-tests well will give you the self-esteem and confidence you need to appreciate the delicacy and subtlety of objects you are viewing. An expert will perform a star test at least every twenty minutes.


It would never occur to you as ridiculous that you just spent the GNP of some African countries on a 4" refractor to get the extra "oomph" over your old 90mm.

They remind me of a Unitron snob I had to deal with back when I was a teenager. :lol:

Congrats on the progress of the observatory! =D>

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2004-Jul-14, 11:31 AM
Hoagland's Planet? (http://www.goma.demon.co.uk/space/inkblot.gif)