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paul f. campbell
2011-Nov-11, 02:57 AM
Hi all.
I took this image of M-42 at Ming creek OBS using the 10''D/G refractor and my canon D-1000 dslr at prime focus the Moon was almost full so I took 5x3min. photos at iso400 no filters no guiding. processed in photo shop and noiseware

2011-Nov-11, 09:28 AM
Sorry to be harsh but if this is a 10" refractor and a achromat you might consider something smaller and get a ED or a reflector.
It barely looks like M42.
The only way to take pictures thru a achromat is with a monochrome camera and refocus between filters.
You could also use a fringe killer to get rid of the bloe rings around the brighter stars.
Again i don't want to be mean but just give some tips.