View Full Version : Tiangong1 6:22pm est 11-12-11 Orlando,FL,USA

2011-Nov-13, 01:37 AM

8" scope,25mm projection,CanonT1i set at 1/250 ISO1600 the Zooms,an CanonG10 on tri-pod set at 6sec F3.2 (opps. forgot to change) ISO80 for the full frames

Was a rush capture, 6pm i pulled up Heavens-Above.com an saw the 6:20pm pass,Set-up,leveled,tried to get Jupiter focus for 5 minutes till i noticed my laser starfinder was off..went prime focus,found Jupiter,put the 25mm projection kit back on, set laser then turned SW to brightess star for brightness check,an there it was..I track manually with handcontroler's up down left right buttons an say "go" ,then my girlfriend presses the camera hardwire remote,out of 30 captures these where best 3

Tiangong1 (China's Space Station) in Orbit,6:22pm est 11-12-11 Orlando,FL,USA


2011-Nov-13, 02:23 AM

Tiangong1 ,original sizes from above telescope set up an photo processing zooms together all in one