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2011-Nov-15, 04:04 AM
Just found out this afternoon that my daughter will be appearing, in the ensemble, in an economy version of "My Fair Lady" at our nearby Regional theatre. By economy it means it has only 19 people in the show, instead of the 40-45 that are normally in the show. And it only has two pianos, instead of the normal 20-25 instruments in the theatre orchestra. While the music and songs are there, there is much more concentration on the "book" of the musical. The director has won two Tony awards, the Musical director one, the Choreographer has appeared in "Chicago", "Rent" and "42 Street" along with other work off Broadway. Oh yeah, the important part, she has been offered an Equity contract for the show. For those of you who are not involved in professional theatre, this is the equivalent of becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild for those who do work in film or television.

She's been working non-equity theatres around the area for around the last three years. She has done several shows at this theatre, (two that have gone to Broadway), but up until now, she has not been getting the pay of the actors that have been brought in from out of town(mainly from New York), simply because she wasn't a member of Equity, nor had she been offered such a contract. She didn't expect to get the pay of the leads, but the the ensemble actors she worked with were getting a lot more than she was, even as she was being used as an understudy for a lead, since those who were Equity would have to have been paid extra for that.

She has been to New York for auditions (the two shows she was in), but has not auditioned for anything other than those two shows, due to the particular rules. Those rule specify that non-equity people aren't seen until after equity auditions are completed. Usually, by that time, (late afternoon, audition start around 8-9 AM, and non-equity people have to stay around until called) all the roles are filled. Now, she can go to auditions, and know she will at least be seen at each one.

Anyway, just excited by the news and had to share.

2011-Nov-15, 04:41 AM
Very cool. As they say, break a leg.

2011-Nov-15, 05:06 AM
Well, that is exciting news. You sound like a proud father. :)

2011-Nov-15, 10:54 AM

Something so simple should be so complex. O wait, that applies to everything, doesn't it?

2011-Nov-15, 12:03 PM
Great stuff - climbing the ladder in the theatre profession must be very stressful.

2011-Nov-15, 01:17 PM