View Full Version : Curiosity Powered Up for Martian Voyage on Nov. 26 – Exclusive Message from Chief Eng

2011-Nov-21, 03:40 AM
“We are ready and so is Curiosity !” - – Says Rob Manning, Curiosity Chief Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif – in an exclusive to Universe Today for all fans of Curiosity and the unprecedented voyage of Science and Discovery about to take flight to Mars on November 26. Manning was [...]

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2011-Nov-21, 12:44 PM
The engineering involved with this mission sounds incredible, much more than apollo had and look at what was achieved back then .thank you Universe Today for the detailed info on this great mission of exploration .I would like to know what voltage the RTG produces? we need one of those in our electric car or even the our
jet pack!