View Full Version : SOFIA Reveals Star-Forming Region W40

2011-Nov-22, 04:30 PM
Around 1957 light years away, a dense molecular cloud resides beside an OB star cluster locked in a massive HII region. The hydrogen envelope is slowly beginning to billow out and separate itself from the molecular gas, but we’re not able to get a clear picture of the situation thanks to interfering dust. However, by [...]

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2011-Nov-28, 09:10 PM
I was just trying to find a gallery of either IR or visible wavelength images from SOFIA, and spent a couple of hours going around in circles. Maybe it's early days and images have not been processed yet, so I thought there must be some images from KAO, SOFIAS predecessor. Again, I can find nothing, and much of their site seems not to be being maintained. No replies from NASA so far, perhaps you have some leads?

2011-Nov-30, 01:40 AM
A quick update; I did get a response from NASA about SOFIA images/data. The primary contractor has exclusive use of all data, for an undetermined period, and MAY at some future date release SELECTED information to the public. Your tax dollars at work. ;-) No word on KAO data.