View Full Version : Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

2011-Nov-24, 04:08 PM
I'm thankful that I get to celebrate this holiday with my family. I wish the same for all of you.

Paul Beardsley
2011-Nov-24, 04:16 PM
We're not all American, so the holiday is completely meaningless for some of us. Still, a well-meant sentiment is always appreciated. Hope you have a good one!

The Backroad Astronomer
2011-Nov-24, 05:26 PM
And some of us the holiday has already been over for over a month. But still have good one.

2011-Nov-24, 05:32 PM
And some of us the holiday has already been over for over a month. But still have good one.

Yeah, you guys celebrate it in the wrong month. ;) November is devoid for you! :confused:

We'll be dining in the home of friends at 5:00 p.m. Traditional dinner. I'm taking a bundt cake, and a side dish of sauteed apples & onions.

The Backroad Astronomer
2011-Nov-24, 05:40 PM
Our harvest tend to be earlier than in most of the states plus also we have to consider the ones who live in the true north whose growing season is even shorter.

2011-Nov-24, 06:57 PM
Five...hours...to...go. :(

I'm hungry NOW. :cry:

Can't wait for the feast!

The Backroad Astronomer
2011-Nov-24, 06:59 PM
mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, pies mmmm.

2011-Nov-24, 07:23 PM
mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, pies mmmm.

Stop it, you cruel Canadian!! :o


2011-Nov-24, 07:25 PM
This will be the first Thanksgiving ever with just my wife and me. I'm doing a turkey anyhow, with many of the standard trimmings. I will confess to doing things the easy way and getting stuff like mashed spuds and yams from the deli at the market, ready for the micro. It just wouldn't seem like thanksgiving without leftovers!

2011-Nov-24, 07:34 PM
We dined with same friends last year, and the lady of the house sent us off with a medium-sized box filled with leftovers. :D

We'll have Christmas Dinner at home, with our own leftovers then.

But I do miss the scent of slow-baking (overnight) turkey in our oven. Awakening to that aroma. :D Even if I can only have a few bites of it.

Ara Pacis
2011-Nov-24, 07:36 PM
Maybe a mod could edit the header to "Happy Thanksgiving Day, Americans".

2011-Nov-24, 07:39 PM
Maybe a mod could edit the header to "Happy Thanksgiving Day, Americans".

AND Coruscantens!


Hmmmm. Now where is R2 when I need him?? I asked him to peel those apples for me...

Probably off getting into trouble with C3PO again.

2011-Nov-24, 08:12 PM
Happy Generic Harvest Festival Period, non-USians!

2011-Nov-25, 02:52 AM
It's likely that the first Thanksgiving (which may be apocryphal) was celebrated in October. Growing season in this part of the US is pretty much over by mid-October.

Oh, and a belated Happy Thanksgiving to the neighbors to the north of the US (we couldn't hope for better neighbors than Canadians. I hope some of them feel the same about us ;)) and, belatedly, I hope all had a holy סוכות

2011-Nov-25, 05:02 AM
Dinner was good with my mom and brother. And my football teams won (even though I only watched one half of one game). Good day :D

2011-Dec-10, 04:24 PM
thanks giving and merry christmas to you all my beloved friends. :) may be you are engage in home decorations, paintings, Christmas tree arrangements etc. :)