View Full Version : Total Lunar Eclipse - December 10

2011-Nov-30, 04:37 AM
The total lunar eclipse of 2011 DEC 10 will be visible before sunrise from western North America. It will also be seen during earlier local times from Australia and much of Eurasia and Africa. For Chicagoland observers the Moon will be just entering the umbra before it sets and the Sun rises, i.e. they will witness the start of the initial partial phase. Those North Americans who are significantly east of Chicago will be shut out almost entirely. Observers in the United Kingdom will see a portion of the final partial phase while the Moon leaves the umbra as it is rising after the Sun sets.

Here is a link to my Moon webpage with a graphical panorama I created to demonstrate several stages of the eclipse as seen from San Francisco: www.CurtRenz.com/moon . The Moon will not set there until after totality has ended. The event timings on my chart are the same for anyone experiencing nighttime, as long as adjustment is made from PST (UT-8). The lunar disk orientations and altitudes will differ among locations.

Photos and descriptions of the eclipse would be welcome additions to this thread. Below is a photo I took of the total lunar eclipse of 2008 FEB 20 with Saturn to the left and Regulus above.