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2011-Dec-08, 11:36 AM
Hi all

Recently the infrared VISTA telescope discovered two new globular clusters designated VVV GCL001 and VVV GCL002. VVV GCL001 is near the 17th magnitude globular UKS1 and I noticed this thing that looked like a globular in an image of UKS1 that I took in July 2010. I made a few inquiries at the time but didn't get anywhere but of course "my" cluster was VVV CL001. When the discovery was announced I contacted the team leader (Dr Dante Minniti) and he very generously agreed that I should be a co discoverer. This is now on the ESO website (scroll down to the Notes section) at:


Here is a comparison between my image and the VISTA image:


Anyway this just shows that you should always check your images - there might be something undiscovered there.



2011-Dec-09, 10:57 PM
Nice catch.

Checking your images is something I've advocated for some time now. I've found a lot doing that. Unfortunately I don't do it on a next day basis. More like next year as I'm just no processing Oct. 2010 data. If found about 20 unknown asteroids but a year later so I couldn't follow up on them :(


2012-Jan-12, 03:03 AM
Sorry for the late reply but thanks for the thought. I understand what you are saying. I thought I had a supernova once about a year ago but it turns out it was discovered 2 weeks previously. With respect to VVV GCL001 I think the professionals have been very generous in naming me a co discoverer given that I should have followed up my image much more intensely in the first place.