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2002-May-13, 11:29 AM
I found this very beautiful website - and there is a lunar conspiracy twist as well.

There is a website called "Find A Grave" - and itīs not as morbid as you may think.

In fact it is quite beautiful. And there is a function, where you can "leave flowers and a note for this person". You really must see this !


Gus Grissom:



Roger Chaffee:



Edward White:



James Irwin:



Pete Conrad:



Deke Slayton:



Alan Shepard:



And here is the lunar conspiracy twist:

One of the notes on Jim Irwinīs page says:

"You were a decent man and a fine astronaut. To think that those moon-hoax charlatans Bill Kaysing and Bart Sibrel
are trying to ruin your name by claiming that you were about to admit to "lying" about your greatest accomplishment - walking on the moon - and calling Apollo a hoax before you died makes me sick. They can never hope to be half the man that you or your fellow astronauts were. Rest in peace.
-Brad Haines
Added: 4/5/2002"

I fully agree.

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