View Full Version : Range of Solar Flares from a Red Dwarf?

Drunk Vegan
2011-Dec-11, 09:41 PM
Hey, I was just wondering if anybody knew how far, typically, red dwarf flares extend from the star?

I was looking at an interesting planet orbiting a red dwarf star in a triple-star system, and realized the dwarf is a flare star.

Gliese 667C c, a planet orbiting a red dwarf in a triple star system (the other two stars are orange dwarfs at a distance of 56 AU to 215 AU from the red dwarf). The minimum mass of the planet is approximately 3.9 Earth masses.

Planet c orbits at 0.28 AU, orbiting every 28.1 days, placing it within the star's habitable zone, receiving approximately 90% of the insolation that Earth receives from the sun.

Is 0.28 AU far enough away to avoid being regularly sterilized by the radiation from the flares?

2011-Dec-12, 06:19 AM
Whether it gets sterilized depends on the planetary conditions. If the planet has a strong magnetic field and a decent atmo, then the flares will be pretty harmless.

Then again, at .28AU, tidelocking seems pretty likely, and that would prolly make for a weak magnetic field...