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2004-Jul-22, 12:41 PM
You thought the interpretation by certain people of low resolution satellite pictures of the Moon and Mars was bad? You should look at this.


Amongst other things, hills are really megalithic ruins, and a roughly straight line on a map proves the coastline must have been artificially created.

It's a hoot :lol:

2004-Jul-22, 01:10 PM

From the "objective" section:

The power of image analysis upon satellite imagery has not been fully understood by many Archaeologists and the application of image analysis for the use of finding hidden features on the landscape has not been properly applied, until now...


2004-Jul-22, 01:31 PM
I saw this stuff when "marsproof" (old hoagie forums) started presenting them. It started with some straight line features off the Carolina coast. Instead of trying to find out a natural process she ( I think it's a she) jumped right in with wacky theories.

2004-Jul-22, 02:24 PM
I did wonder if the site was intended as a spoof of the Hoagland-type 'satellite image shows martian city' stuff. But it seems to be serious. They really do believe that the apparent straight lines of the huge Gulf of Carpentaria in Australia means it must have been an ancient mega-harbour...... :o

Iroinically, it does act as a good counter to the Martian City claims - showing just how easy it is to find geometric patterns in natural landscapes.

2004-Jul-22, 05:12 PM
Forget the Martian cities! I just discovered Denver, the Last Dinosaur!

He's in Labrador (http://www.satellitediscoveries.com/discov/patterns/pattern_1.html#).

Just check out the full Landsat 7 image, and see if you can find him.