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2011-Dec-12, 09:13 PM
Seen from where I live (the Western part of Germany), the Moon rose
at 16:30 CET on Saturday, December 10. By that time the best part of
the total lunar eclipse was already over. At moonrise, the Moon was already
well into the Earth penumbra - with only the upper part appearing darkened.

Nevertheless, I had set up my scope (with a camera attached) on a solid
camera tripod. As the Moon was still close to the hirizon when I started shooting,
much of the detail was obscured by haze and atmospheric perturbation. Still,
I was busily clicking away. Actually, I was much too busy re-pointing and
re-focusing to notice that I had unwittingly hit pay dirt with one of the pictures.

I didn't notice that until much later, when I clicked through the results of that
session on my camera's built-in screen and saw that an airliner en route to
nearby Frankfurt airport had chosen the very moment when I released the shutter
to fly across the visible Moon disc.

Here it is - the darkened part at the top is what's remaining of the umbra eclipse:


Wow! I was really happy ... the first time I have ever managed this, and I wasn't
even trying. It just happened.

My scope: ED apochromatic refractor, 70 mm aperture, 420 mm focal length
My camera: Unmodified Canon Eos 1000D attached with a T2 adapter.

2011-Dec-12, 10:41 PM
A keeper for sure. You should submit it to the many sites running eclipse pictures as well as astronomy magazines.


2011-Dec-12, 10:59 PM
:surprised WOW, that is absolutely beautiful, what an amazing image, great shot, thank you so much mkk707, for sharing that with us. :clap: