View Full Version : Bargain 28 Year old Single Malt (For the UK Members olny)

captain swoop
2011-Dec-18, 09:34 PM
LIDL have bottles of Maxwell 28 year old Single Malt for 29. According the to a member on the Whisky Forum I read It's from the long defunct Brora Distillery, Macleod Distillers own the Distillery and have their stock. Maxwell is one of the labels they own.
Bottles of Brora label 28 year old Malt are selling for upwards of 100. Only 6 bottles per shop so get them quick. They have a good 18 year old Speyside for less than 20 as well.

I got a couple of bottles, it's too good to give to guests :) so I got the 18 year old Speyside for them.

2011-Dec-19, 04:21 PM
Many thanks for this tipple tip I will rush to LIDL to check.

2011-Dec-19, 05:49 PM
somebody ship me a couple bottles, quick!! sounds like a good deal!

2011-Dec-19, 07:14 PM
Many thanks for this tipple tip I will rush to LIDL to check.... and keep it for your next birthday bash:whistle:

2011-Dec-19, 09:49 PM
I'll be there to pick them up soon. Now, where did I leave my passport?

2011-Dec-19, 10:07 PM
On the mainpage this thread shows as "Bargain 28 Year old Single...", but when I read what it really was about, I was only slightly disappointed.

2011-Dec-19, 10:48 PM
Man, you guys in Europe have all the luck.