View Full Version : We All Know The Meaning Of "Liff", what about this

paulie jay
2004-Jul-26, 06:40 AM
I thought that it might be fun to get a little bit creative, in the spirit of "The Meaning Of Liff". Instead of place names we could use people's names.

I'll get the ball rolling...

Clintoning - (v) The act of not inhaling after drawing back on a reefer.

Brittany - (n) The gradual feeling of embarrassment which arises from a marriage measured in hours once the drugs have worn off.

Coberst (v) To blindly pontificate in exceedingly condescending manner on subjects of which there is little interest whilst ignoring genuine conversation as a means of retaining the moral high-ground.

Got the idea? Lets see how creative we can get.

2004-Jul-26, 06:54 AM
Samify: to insist that mathematics is a secondary requirement in the understanding of relativity.

Roy Batty
2004-Jul-26, 11:33 AM
Utah'ed - To have ones fallacious argument be crushed under a merciless weight of faultless logic & accurate facts. 8)

2004-Jul-26, 12:20 PM
ToSeeked - To find that someone else has just gotten the word out about a hot news story or cool piece of trivia just moments before you could open your mouth.

Craig - (v) To Coberst to the point of being ignored, laughed at, and ridiculed behind your back.

2004-Jul-26, 01:20 PM
ToSeeked - To find that someone else has just gotten the word out about a hot news story or cool piece of trivia just moments before you could open your mouth.


2004-Jul-26, 04:42 PM
To allow oneself to be a follower of an irrational argument or movement for the sake of un-elucidated non-conformity.

A collection of arguments using the Scientific Method for calmly debunking irrational and unproven extraordinary claims.

To enter into a debate or argument after initiation and then claiming the proper asnswer to both sides by positing sense, scientific rigor, and faultless logic.

A land of sparse population but growing by emmigration from the Realm of Common Sense.

1-The faking of one's own death, abduction, marriage, or family-life, for the pursuit of a science that you can not publish because you faked your own death, abduction, marriage, or family-life.
2-The faking of a pursuit of science for the purpose of undoing the act of faking your own death, abduction, marriage, or family-life.
3-The faking of both a pursuit of science and one's death, abduction, marriage, family-life, or resurrection for the purpose of publication of a literary work of dubious merit and extraordinary claims.

The unwitting accomplice, agent, apostle, or disciple of one who burishes.

The Bad Astronomer
2004-Jul-26, 07:48 PM
Not to be a wet blanket, but I urge people to think carefully before posting to this thread. Any ad hominems will be dealt with accordingly.

paulie jay
2004-Jul-26, 10:52 PM
I'll try and bend them a little less sarcastic (and personal)...

Springsteen - (v) to insert motor vehicle references into a song.

Lucas - (v) the act of losing your vision between the thought and scriptwriting stage.

2004-Jul-27, 02:44 AM
Not to be a wet blanket... of course your are, but that is you job on those rare occasions you have to be, for which we are thankful.

2004-Jul-27, 05:19 AM
Knotts: To walk around with inexplicably large eyes as though everything were a surprise.

Shania: The art of substituting an actual career with the use of cute outfits and camera poses.

Lavigne: The realization that your freshly applied makeup has rendered you attractive to raccoons.

Hughism: The compulsion to marry someone attractive so that you can cheat on them with someone who is not.

Hurleyism: The compulsion to marry someone you think is attractive, only to find out they prefer short spells with people less attractive than you.

Keanu: A slow, painful display of no emotion at all.

paulie jay
2004-Jul-27, 07:31 AM
Trump - (n) hairstlye worn by people who are so rich as to not have to care how the hell they look.

2004-Jul-27, 10:17 PM
We have some around the lab but they aren't funny to people that don't the people they are based on. Ohhh well.

We do have one that works.

Add -ed to the end of someone's name when they take you to task for nothing.

Such as "Man I just got Smithed for no reason".

2004-Aug-04, 08:12 PM
Joey Crow - (v) To reply to antiquated threads with non-sequiter one-liners.

Joey Crow Troll (say that 3 times, fast) - (n) Someone who Joey Crows.

2005-Apr-12, 10:35 AM
The origin of Toseek!

2005-Apr-12, 01:17 PM
To be hatched: to get a larger fee than your three colleagues who do exactly the same job but whose ego is slightly smaller than yours.

paulie jay
2005-Apr-14, 05:39 AM
Van Dyke(v) - to speak in a totally unconvincing cockney accent.

Locklear(v) - to stretch the very physics of cosmetics design.