View Full Version : Dual Shadow Transit Across Jupiter - Jan 3-4

2012-Jan-02, 02:37 AM
A dual shadow transit across Jupiter will occur during the night of January 3-4. First the Galilean satellites #3 Ganymede and #2 Europa will separately transit Jupiter, followed by their shadows which for a while will appear simultaneously on Jupiter. During this time #1 Io will become occulted and then eclipsed by Jupiter.

Iíve calculated an event timetable and created two related preview graphics. They can be seen on my Jupiter webpage: www.CurtRenz.com/jupiter

Recently Iíve added numerous graphs of 2012 data on all of my webpages for planets. Of course, photos and descriptions of the upcoming dual shadow transit would be welcome additions to this thread.

2012-Jan-03, 09:48 PM
In the SouthEast it looks like jupiter is setting shortly after 2:30 AM, the double shadow occurs around 2:15 AM

It might be difficult to see so low on the horizon, but good luck! I am gonna see if i can stay awake for both that and the meteor shower tonight!

Thanks for the heads up!

2012-Jan-04, 03:27 AM
" Centour " Is a well respected clever than thou contributor... as is always the case.. Him's is 'kweva'.

Great shots of Jupiter and the dance of her moons and there shadows.. will be on the agenda, know doubt...

I use a program that shows me these thing..

' Starry-night' and it quickly points out the location of your viewing and the time zone you are in...

I see AutoBoof is from Georgia. Is that the state of the USA or a Country in Europe..

Cos if its the former..He misses out this time.. Down in the colonies.. we see this at a different time.

Just follow the program and it explains all.. most of the time.

There are many programs that offer this sort of information..