View Full Version : Jupiter ii 26 2011 Mingo creek obs.

paul f. campbell
2012-Jan-04, 01:08 AM
Hi all.
this image was taken at Mingo creek obs using a 10 inch d/g and a Lumenera LU-070m B/W ccd camera and a 1x5 max power lens. K3ccd was used to capture this image. regis tax and pgotoshop were used to process. Paul

2012-Jan-04, 03:13 AM
Very nice. Camera is working well for you. Think that is a achromat refractor rather than an apo. If so do you use a filter. When using film on a 6" achromat we found a yellow filter for neutral contrast was better than no filter. Of course for Jupiter other colors such as blue can bring out features even better.