View Full Version : m42, My First Deep Space Image

2012-Jan-09, 01:24 PM
this is not only my first DS image but actually my second time ever out with a camera. (the first was 2 night before)

This is only 30 - 40 second exposure, id been unsuccessfully trying to capture the moon (thought 1st time astrophotography the moon would be a good starting place, every shot came back out of focus) so i thought no harm in taking a few quick shots of m42. (running before i can walk)

While every shot cam back pretty naf, no Really Naff, i was pleased thinking that tomorrow i could try again with full confidence.... any ways it's been cloudy since!!!

So i thought i might aswell try and process the slightly out of focus and very non reveling picture just for the practices..

While the finished image isnt much to go by i am so frilled with the end result!! now i cant wait to get back out and capture some really nice quality shot to work with,

3 x 30 - 40 second exposure stacked in photoshop

2012-Jan-11, 12:42 PM
wow, nice image, well done.

2012-Jan-12, 04:02 PM
Nice. What camera and lense were you using?

2012-Jan-20, 10:26 PM