View Full Version : The Orange Moon

2012-Jan-10, 07:27 AM
I like the full moon rising in Orange. Take about 12 minutes after moonrise, and still the Orange color is visible and also the moon is more like an egg due to the atmosphere. After an hour is was completely round and bright white!

2012-Jan-10, 10:04 AM
Our moon is indeed fascinating in its variety of guises. Nice photo.

2012-Jan-10, 03:39 PM

It sure was. Full "Wolf" Moon Jan 8,2012,Orlando,FL,USA

2012-Jan-10, 06:41 PM
Thanks for the replies and the sharing from Orlando. Today the moon was not full and its rising blocked by a building.
However the following image can explain the large moon illusion as compared to the building
This is a single one photo, not combining two, so the building is quite dark. Notice the rails of the roof of the building at the bottom of the moon. Also the moon is clearly not full anymore, nice details on the terminator at the top, and it is still Orange. I will hope to try tomorrow again but it is going to be rainy

2012-Jan-11, 12:23 AM
Stunning!! I do love the moon :) thanks for sharing :D