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2004-Jul-31, 10:15 AM
Not bad, a 3.9 billion year old rock from Mare Imbrium found in the desert of Oman left the Moon about 340,000 years ago and impacted on Earth within the last 9,000 years.

More about this here (http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/moon_rock_040729.html).

2004-Jul-31, 03:21 PM
I believe this rock has been identified as coming from the Mare Imbrium; the most distinctive Moon rock brought back from there is sometimes labelled KREEP (K, potassium; REE, rare earth elements; P, phosphorous).

KREEP rocks contain uranium. up to 6ppm, as I understand it; this level of uranium could perhaps be eventually extracted by nano- or biotechnology.
In fact Canada has been using uranium concentrating microbes in mining since the 1960's.
But biotech like this would be water intensive, so either recycling would need to be very efficient or a less water intensive nanotech analogue of the biotech process might be possible.
This is all a medium longterm project, but combined with breeder reactors on the Moon's surface the Mare Ibrium could produce enough fissile material to fuel a generation of gas-core rockets as desired by Zubrin in in hi schemes to terraform Mars.

Once again, with a little luck and favorable advances in technology, the Moon might prove to be the key to the Solar System.

2004-Jul-31, 04:02 PM
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