View Full Version : Who Owns Space History, the Public or the Astronauts?

2012-Jan-17, 05:20 PM
Former NASA astronaut Jim Lovell came under fire last week when he sold a personal memento from his tenure with space agency at an auction – the 70-page checklist from the famous Apollo 13 mission that didnít land on the Moon. The sale has reopened the ongoing debate over who owns NASA artifacts and photographs, [...]

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2012-Jan-17, 07:20 PM
IMO, if NASA wanted to keep control over the artifacts, they should have kept the artifacts.

2012-Jan-17, 09:38 PM
Did Charles Bolden or any NASA administrator signficantly risk their necks and expend untold hours of personal quality time merely for a chance to make history? And for many of the astronauts, they saw the lunar program as their duty in the cold war. Yes, they profitied from the venture, but so what? I don't see much difference between the actions of Lovell and Mitchell and those of ex-senators, ex-congress critters and ex-presidents when they make money on the lecture circuit using materials they had in office.

2012-Jan-18, 06:59 AM
NASA has not come up with a consistent policy when it comes to this kind of thing. It started with the Apollo 15 stamp scandal.
At least they can still sell their autographs....