View Full Version : Gabby Giffords To Resign From Congress

2012-Jan-23, 01:10 AM
U.S. Congresswoman Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) announced today, Sunday Jan. 22, that she will step down from Congress later this week to continue recuperating from brain injuries she suffered during a deadly assassination attempt a year ago in Tucson, Arizona. She announced the resignation on her official congressional website and in a poignant YouTube video [...]

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2012-Jan-23, 01:16 AM
I wish Ms. Giffords good luck in her future endeavors.

2012-Jan-23, 01:34 AM
I hope her recovery continues to go well. She's a very strong woman.

mike alexander
2012-Jan-23, 01:44 AM
"An armed society is a polite society." Robert A. Heinlein

2012-Jan-25, 03:24 AM
This sad story really affected me when it broke over here, then again later when Ms Gifford amazed us all with her resilience and grace. She'd get my vote.