View Full Version : Venus in daytime

2012-Jan-26, 08:58 PM
Most people will never think that seeing Venus in full daylight (more than two hours before sunset) is possible, but Venus is so bright that it is! Today it was easy to locate Venus, the New moon was very close. While Venus is nothing more than a bright dot in the sky, it is the most distant object visible from Earth during the day (It is further away than the sun now).
Here is a photo together with the moon. Venus is in the left bottom of the photo. You might need to look at the full size to see it properly

2012-Jan-27, 02:46 AM
That is cool!! :clap:

I've often thought of looking myself, but then I get side tracked.

2012-Jan-28, 09:10 PM
Just added a photo of Venus and the moon. In a day or two it will be Jupiter and the moon!