View Full Version : New mouse device? No a -Rat- Device!

2012-Feb-01, 02:05 PM
I have to say this, after totaly ruling a few games of Grand Theft multiplayer last night, I'm totaly impressed with my new Rat.

A Rat device is sort of a combo of a mouse, and game controller. While it was a bit spendy, I'd have to say it was worth the cost.

This is the model I (http://cyborggaming.com/prod/rat7.htm) got and tested out last night.

I wound up having to get a different mouse pad as well, as the weight of it a Rat makes it feel like pushing throgh mollasses on a cloth pad. So I also got a slick surface laser pointer pad, and the rat just glides effortlessly across that.

2012-Feb-01, 05:23 PM
Very spendy. Nicely configurable, though. How is it for ergonomics?

2012-Feb-01, 05:56 PM
It's about 1/2 inch Longer, and a touch wider then a normal mouse.

The Action on the mouse buttons are very smooth, infact while it's great for gaming, it's perhaps a little sensitive for normal use with Windows or a Mac. I'm adjusting OK to that however.

It's sensitivity and accuracy do have a nice bonus, I find it much easier to work in painting tools with this Rat as well. The Thumb trigger Percision Aim mode it has also slows down mouse pointers in windows, allowing for some nice accurate pointer placement. Additionaly the built in switching for 4 pointer speeds also allow some nice control over the pointer, without ever using the windows control panel.

It's main difference is in it's weight. It has a metal undercaridge and can take some serious over-use, or even abuse. Cloth mouse pads just cause to much resistance with it's weight.

So you almost have to use a slicker mouse pad with it, either plasctic or teflon ones. I got a simple plastic one, that feels like it was sand blasted, but it's very slippery to the mouse itself.

Over all I'd say it was ergonomically OK for most people with normal sized hands. However people that need smaller mouses because of thier hand size, might find a rat large and unwieldy.