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Mr Q
2012-Feb-06, 05:01 AM
The following comets should be observable in at least fairly dark sky sites with scopes from small to moderate size.

GARRADD 6th mag. in Hercules, moving into Draco, with a 15' coma. Finder Chart:http://cometchasing.skyhound.com/comets/2009_P1.pdf

GIACOBINI-ZINNER 8th mag. in Pisces with a 5' coma. Finder Charthttp://cometchasing.skyhound.com/comets/21P.pdf

GEHRELS 11TH mag. in Pisces with a 3' coma. Finder Chart http://cometchasing.skyhound.com/comets/78P.pdf

LOVEJOY 10th mag. start of Feb, to 12th at end of Feb, in Caelum, with a 10' coma start of Feb to 5' at end of Feb. Finder Chart http://cometchasing.skyhound.com/comets/2011_W3.pdf

SCHWASSMANN-WACHMANN 10th mag. in Corvus with a 7' coma. Finder Charthttp://cometchasing.skyhound.com/comets/29P.pdf

All other comets are fainter than 12th mag. or not observable from the northern hemisphere.

Mr Q
2012-Feb-06, 05:08 AM
Comet Gehrels, at 11th mag., will pas close to Jupiter on 2/22/12, just south of Jupiter, at the southern edge of Aries.

2012-Feb-18, 07:23 PM
Thanks for the heads-up, Mr Q.

Comet Garradd will be at its brightest during the next few days with a predicted peak on February 21. It will pass closest to Earth on March 5 as it becomes circumpolar and appears to circle the Big Dipper/Plough. My preview graphics have been updated at: www.CurtRenz.com/comets