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2002-May-18, 11:22 PM

The text can be found at:


... and an Apollo 11 Lesson Plan ("One Giant Leap for Humankind - Revisiting the Apollo 11 Mission in the Social Studies or Language Arts Classroom") can be found at:


I think it is important that kids anno 2002 are taught about Apollo 11, so that it is never forgotten. Already 33 years have gone by and - apart from folks like us - a lot of people below 30 seems to have most of their knowledge about Apollo from nonsense like the FOX TV Special.

Remember: People below 30 have never seen a live Apollo landing. Thatīs quite a bit of the population. But Iīll bet that a lot of those same people have seen the FOX TV special.

Sure, thereīs an anniversary every now and then (like the one in 1999 and the one coming up in December this year), but the moon landings really ought to be a part of our thoughts on a daily basis, like it was in 1969. Not just something we celebrate once a year or every second year or every third year.

Jim McDade once wrote:

"It is difficult for me to understand that thirty years after that great journey to the moon, the mainstream media and consequently, the typical person on the street still does not seem to adequately appreciate the fantastic significance of Apollo 11. It is indeed disheartening when I visit the local magazine stand and see more publications dedicated to Astrology than Astronomy, more Hollywood stars on covers than the real stars who are busy making our future less cruel and arduous than it could be without their efforts. "

So true, Jim, so true.

I say: Make learning about Apollo mandatory in the schools. Have Andrew Chaikin write a special version of "A Man On The Moon" to be used as mandatory textbook in schools across America. And make the TV series "From The Earth To The Moon" mandatory viewing in the schools. Where else to begin but the schools ? Maybe, due to nonsense like the FOX TV Special, most of a generation is lost, but we can still make sure that the next generation isnīt lost.

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Roy Batty
2002-May-19, 02:23 PM
I remember in my Physics class (over 20yrs ago, ooch!) our teacher showing us the video footage of the feather & hammer dropping on the Apollo 15 mission.. 'how about that, Galileo was correct' .. great & inspiring stuff! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif.
You're right, I think it should be more prominent in the classrooms today.



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