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2004-Aug-10, 05:34 AM
Two unrelated questions:

First, I don't remember offhand how to manipulate and move a wormhole mouth, but assuming that you could do so, and find some exotic matter to keep the wormhole open, what's stopping you from leaving one mouth in normal space, (say at Vega) and taking the other mouth inside a black hole, so that you could leave the black hole through the wormhole? You would take information out of it, which (disregarding Hawking's recent revelation for a moment) you can't do.

My next question is a solar question. It's actually two questions: first, how does one calculate the falling off of temperature in the photosphere with height? For example, you can determine that the H-alpha emission in the sun is higher than the photosphere, because it's cooler than the underlying photosphere. How? What is the math? Second, how exactly do you calculate the abundances of elements in the Sun from their spectral lines (or, again, what is the math)? Finally, (I thought I started with two questions) can someone explain faculae in detail? The book I have describes it as heating through waves induced in the magnetic field surrounding active regions through convection surrounding the region.

2004-Aug-10, 08:20 AM
Well, you are not alone in not remembering how to manipulate a wormhole mouth, BigJim, as no-one knows how to do it yet; my guess is that no-one will, at least not for the foreseeable future;

but some people disagree...
some recent pdf's on wormhole stability


well, the idea of wormhole escape from a black hole had occurred to me;
however it appears that real, as opposed to fictional, wormholes need a region of asymptotically flat space around them to be stable- this probably means they would collapse when brought near a black hole.

But perhaps Hawking is right, and you can get information out of a black hole- in which case there might be a way round this...