View Full Version : "Conspiracy Theory" was aired again.

2002-May-19, 02:39 PM
"Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?" was aired again last night (at 3am) here in Canada.

It was on "Space", a Sci-Fi channel that is usually very supportive of the Apollo missions... but for some reason they aired that stupid show (for the third time). The people who chose the programming don't see beyond the shows entertainment value. They don't understand the damage shows like that do.

Ugghhhh.... every time I see that show my blood pressure rises.

2002-May-19, 02:51 PM
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On 2002-05-19 10:39, LunarOrbit wrote: To: 9 CHUEN 5 ZIP
HUb' 6:45 A.M. Sa` CHUEN {Mayan transaltor} Monkey
ormore litterally the Nineth Monkey..anyway
a Gal {know of for year} Came over here late last night
with the "Orange" tail? hmm?
{{ my blood pressure rises.
and she was talking about her BP too..
oh well? back to ,, o I get for $0