View Full Version : ‘Nomad’ Planets Could Outnumber Stars 100,000 to 1

2012-Feb-24, 12:30 AM
Could the number of wandering planets in our galaxy – planets not orbiting a sun — be more than the amount of stars in the Milky Way? Free-floating planets have been predicted to exist for quite some time and just last year, in May 2011, several orphan worlds were finally detected. But now, the latest [...]

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2012-Feb-24, 02:04 AM
An image of a deep space object I've made
actually this is supposed to be a Y-Class brown dwarf, but this would be very similar in size and appearance to a large gas giant far from any star.

2012-Feb-24, 11:21 AM
Just in time for the Spielberg's remake of "When Worlds Collide". I wonder ...:whistle:

2012-Feb-24, 11:50 AM
That makes the Greek name for these bodies even more apposite. The name planet comes from πλανάω to wander. So they should actually be named ´planet planets´. :D

2012-Mar-03, 08:14 PM
When Worlds Collide is being remade BTW--perfect for this news story

2012-Mar-05, 10:11 AM
The topic was better discussed (http://www.bautforum.com/showthread.php/126891-Free-floating-Planets-Number) over a month ago.