View Full Version : 35 Years Later, The ‘Wow!’ Signal Still Tantalizes

2012-Feb-24, 10:00 PM
Since the SETI program first began searching for possible alien radio signals a few decades ago, there have been many false alarms but also instances of fleeting signals of interest which disappeared again as quickly as they had appeared. If a potential signal doesn’t repeat itself so it can be more carefully observed, then it [...]

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2012-Feb-24, 10:09 PM
Now for Kepler to scan that region...

2012-Feb-24, 10:58 PM
I grew up in Columbus, OH and the Big Ear was actually 15miles north, closer to Delaware OH in back of Perkins Observatory.
Luckily back in the early '70s I went on a school field trip to Perkins and you could see the Big Ear back through the woods.

It's criminal that they eventually ended up tearing down the Ear to put in a golf course. It should have been saved as a scientific monument.

2012-Feb-27, 02:55 AM
It was a new project and all the science people waited and waited until one day one of the science kids faked everyone out. The WOW signal is in league with crop circles and the bigfoot video. It's science alright, it's just human interactions in groups were some people fake for attention. Now the prankster kid is in his 60's reading this post and laughing. Well anyways the folks at SETi thank you, because here we are later and still searching.

2012-Feb-27, 05:32 AM
Bigfoot of the stars. Crop circles in radio. Hoaxs are common.