View Full Version : ASIGN Observatory will go offline this year.

2012-Mar-01, 04:44 AM
G'day folks, just wanted to warn you out that ASIGN Observatory website (http://www.asignobservatory.com/) will go offline as soon as the registration runs out this year.

For anyone looking at building their own observatory, following the DIY projects or the astrophotography tutorials, please feel free to copy the pages onto your hard-drive now before it vanishes forever.

Much of the information there is very handy, but I feel it is too dated to copy over to the new ASIGN Observatory II (http://asignobservatoryii.webs.com/) website. Besides, I just don't have time. I have a new baby boy on the way in three months and life is already flat-out.

As the new improved and bigger observatory gets built and starts operation, I will write all new and updated tutorials along the way as time permits.

When that actually happens, will be up to the big fella upstairs!