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2002-May-20, 07:27 PM
Yes, yes, I know that this issue has been covered in two other forums

"General Astronomy"

"Bad Astronomy: The Book"

... but still ...

URL: http://www.discover.com/june_02/featsky.html

has an Lunar Conspiracies angle:

Quote: "The worst offenses, which could be called maliciously bad science, seem to be deliberate deceptions intended to boost ratings. Last year, scientists and astronauts expressed disgust when a Fox network program claimed the Apollo missions to the moon might have been hoaxes. Plait quickly debunked the alleged evidence point by point, and traffic on his Web site soared to 4.5 million page views. But the most powerful rebuttal comes from science itself. Astronomer Tom Murphy of the University of Washington is preparing to bounce a laser off a set of reflectors on the moon to measure the lunar distance to within one-twentieth of an inch. How did the reflectors get there? Apollo astronauts installed them for just such experiments."

URL: http://www.discover.com/june_02/featsky.html