View Full Version : Fiskars Rollsharp vs Henckels Twinsharp

2012-Mar-05, 04:06 AM
Fiskars rebrand their rollsharp and sell it at Ikea, and it is called Aspekt.

Henckels Twinsharp is this thing:


From my experience, both of these will work better when you add oil to the sharpening part (as for the rollsharp, you just need water).

Some people have mentioned that ceramic sharpener takes out too much metal; the Rollsharp never does that (as far as edge is concerned, usually just the edge matters, and it creates a small and fine edge); it also allows sharpening of "oriental knives". The initial sharpening from the Henckels take off quite a bit of metal.

Now the price is a factor: Aspekt only takes about $10 Cdn; the Henckels is about $40+ Cdn (when it was on special).

I know loads of manfacturers copy the Henckels Twinsharp model, though.

2012-Mar-06, 04:50 PM
I use one of those Fiskars "clamp on the knife" systems that hold different grit whetstone files at precise angles, even around outside curves.

Gets knives so sharp I feel obligated to warn their owners when I give them back. Paper is one thing, my knives can cut a baseball mitt in half, crossways. (Sharp knives are dangerous, dull knives are dangerous to their owners.)

I use a steel for my kitchen knives though.

2012-Mar-07, 12:19 PM
I don't know the twinsharp but I use the cheap IKEA one to keep my cheap-ish Fiskars knives sharp, and it works adequately. I'm not a knife nerd or anything though, I just want them sharp enough to be safe (yes, sharper knives are safer in many aspects, though perhaps not when rummaging in the dishwasher's cutlery basket) in the kitchen.


2012-Mar-08, 05:44 PM
Knife nerd? (I'm hurt!)

2012-Mar-12, 03:08 AM
I'm not exactly a nerd; the best knives in the kitchen include a Portugal Icel knife (which may closely match Henckels in quality, but way less famous) and a Kuhn Rikon peeling knife (which is yellow in colour, guess a city in Canada) and a Henckels peeler (which I somwhat "damage"; the peeling gap is now a little larger than previously) by peeling winter melon skin.