View Full Version : Life Will Always Find a Way… To Eat Everything

2012-Mar-12, 09:00 PM
A couple of consumption stories crossed my desk today, so I thought I’d merge them together. The bottom line is that everything’s on the menu. If there’s energy to be extracted from something, life is going to find a way to consume it. We’ve got a deep sea worm that seems to be able to [...]

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2012-Mar-13, 09:54 AM
Yet again, we find evidence which reinforces that all life on Earth is sufficiently closely related, that some Earth-lifeforms can be used by certain species for survival. This should come as no surprise, as it merely infers that life on Earth shares a common ancestry, in spite of the extraordinary diversity amongst species.

What happens if we reverse the evolutionary processes of the predator and the prey, however ?
The answer is, that we lose track of all information which finally resulted in the vast differences betwen say, archaea, and the deep sea worms that eat them !
We also lose track of any relationships which may have existed, between pre-biotic environments, and emerging life.

How sensitive the emergence process was to minor variations in pre-biotic Earth conditions, is also completely unknown.
What is known, is that present-day Earth-life metabolism, is dependent on the availability of free energy.
But can the presence of free energy be used to infer the presence of metabolism in exo-environments ?

Until life is actually discovered outside of Earth, we have no reason to expect that two isolated, Earth-like exo-environments, result in lifeforms recognisable by eachother, let alone consumable by eachother !