View Full Version : Skydiver Baumgartner Takes Test Jump from 21,000 Meters

2012-Mar-15, 10:40 PM
Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner took a practice jump today, (March 15, 2012) to help him prepare for his jump from the edge of space later this year where he hopes to break the sound barrier with his body and break the record for the longest freefall. In preparation for his Red Bull Stratos mission, Baumgartner [...]

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2012-Mar-16, 08:01 AM
This is interesting ...

Baumgartner flew above a life-critical zone known as the Armstrong Line, all the way to an estimated 21,818 meters.
I wonder why the altitude is cited as an 'estimate' ?

I thought the whole goal, is to set a new altitude record ?

If one is attempting such a record, then surely one should have an altimeter accurate enough, so as to eliminate the need for having to use the term 'estimated' from the releases ??

There may be some issues around using air pressure based altimeters, to accurately measure the fairly extreme altitudes involved in the exercise, I guess (??).
There are other methods for measuring altitudes .. but these may not have been economically viable .. or maybe they have weight restriction issues as well ??


2012-Mar-16, 06:26 PM
I would think that an off-the shelf GPS should be able to give an accurate estimate accurate within a few dozen meters or better. Of course maybe there are some tests necessary to confirm that the instruments on board did actually perform correctly.