View Full Version : Photo Treat: Enceladus, Titan and Saturnís Rings

2012-Mar-20, 04:20 PM
Little Enceladus and enormous Titan are seen on either side of Saturn’s rings in this image, a color-composite made from raw images acquired by Cassini on March 12, 2012. The original images were taken in red, green and blue color channels, and with a little Photoshop editing I combined them into a roughly true-color view [...]

More... (http://www.universetoday.com/94248/photo-treat-enceladus-titan-and-saturns-rings/)

2012-Mar-21, 03:08 AM
How do you know which way to turn the photo from the original? I made a gif with those exact raw images and I chose to run the images upside from what that photo shows.

My reasons were of course simple speculation from observing other photo's where Titan's haze simply seemed thicker at the north like this image:

And also Emily Lakdawalla from her Planetary Society Blog (http://planetary.org/blog/article/00003426/) state that:

Now, though, we're well after the equinox, and West showed some brand-new images of Titan that show that the detached haze has disappeared from Titan's south pole, and that Titan now has two polar hoods.

Now the linked photo in this article shows the thicker haze at the south pole. Any ideas? Help?