View Full Version : Happy Birthday Dr. von Braun!

2012-Mar-24, 11:20 PM
This Friday would have been Dr. von Braun's 100th birthday; even though he passed away over 30 years ago, he has left an incredible legacy in the space flight community. Furthermore, If anyone gets the opportunity to do so, check out the 100 years of von Braun traveling exhibit if it passes your way.

Also, the US Space and Rocket Center held a birthday celebration at the Davidson Center, with Iris and Magrit von Braun in attendance. I wanted to go, but A) I had already made plans to go to Georgia's Museum of Aviation (where I inadvertently celebrated Gemini 3 day) and B) it was $100 per person to get in the door. But I did get this nifty invitation.


2012-Mar-24, 11:43 PM
Then today is the PERFECT day for the Tom Lehrer tribute! (Tribute? Roast, maybe...)


seriously though.. He is a giant in space flight :)

2012-Mar-25, 12:09 AM
I wonder if I should write an ItC one-shot about Teresa at the USSRC event, as it would make sense for her to be there in-story, but it would feel weird having this fictional character I've created refer to real, living members of the von Braun family as "cousins", "aunts", "uncles", etc.