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2012-Mar-29, 11:19 AM
I love these things where a whole chain of events is set up. This one (http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/video/2012/mar/28/science-kinetic-sculpture-video)claims to be the most exotic. I love the battery-powered toy dogs at the end.

It bothers me that the intent is to demonstrate energy transfer. Great for making science interesting, but is it really about energy transfer?

2012-Mar-29, 11:48 AM
That might have been the best if it had been done in one take rather that as half a bazillion small ones.
It's definitely not about transferring energy, though it can be argued that is is about transferring information through a series of signal amplifiers. One bit's worth of information.

2012-Mar-29, 02:07 PM
what is the name for a set of triggers, ? As Henrik says you could call it a series of amplifiers each having a preset potential energy and not self resetting. There are some around on you tube with a long sequence in one take which is impressive.

2012-Mar-29, 03:53 PM
I noticed that they used the diver from the game Mousetrap, which seemed like a nice touch.

2012-Mar-29, 04:06 PM
Holy Goldberg, Batman!

2012-Mar-29, 05:45 PM
That might have been the best if it had been done in one take rather that as half a bazillion small ones.
I agree, there's no evidence that it actually ran from end to end without stopping.

It's definitely not about transferring energy
At first I thought it was a poorly worded article by the Gaurdian. But; that's exactly what they say on the museum's website (http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/videos/onthemove.aspx).

I was hoping to find a better explaination of why they think it teaches the transfer of energy. Almost everthing in there already has it's own potential energy or is powered by an outside source.

2012-Mar-29, 08:39 PM
I sure wouldn't want someone making a mess like that in MY machine shop. If I had a machine shop...

Interesting way of opening and pouring the bottle of wine, though.

Nowhere Man
2012-Mar-29, 09:19 PM
IMNSHO, it's not a kinetic sculpture but a Rube Goldberg machine. Kinetic sculptures are always moving, RG machines are "run once then reset."


2012-Mar-31, 06:34 PM
I thought this interesting: http://cunicode.com/biased-chains-self-assembling-structures-skylar-tibbits/
http://www.ted.com/talks/skylar_tibbits_can_we_make_things_that_make_themse lves.html
Big folder http://www.sjet.us/MIT_PASSIVE_FOLDER2.html