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2012-Mar-29, 05:22 PM
Hey folks. I'm looking for a good, up-to-date book on Venus. I want to know the present conditions there, its climate and "weather", what it'd be like to walk its surface (assuming that were at all possible). I'm particularly interested in its mountain ranges - places like Maxwell Montes, highest mountain on Venus. Perhaps I'm looking for something akin to a travel guide, if you will, but a rigorous and accurate one. A book from the last few years, preferably, to take into account more recent research and discoveries.

Any ideas?

2012-Mar-29, 07:00 PM
The last book I read on Venus, Venus Revealed by David Harry Grinspoon, is dated, but was an excellent resource. I haven't really seen anything as in depth with more up to date photos and such, mostly kid's books.

thoth II
2012-Mar-29, 07:05 PM
I think the weather at the surface is pretty well fixed and "boring" in constancy, always hotter than an oven and cloudy. It's more dynamic up in the higher levels of the atmosphere. Now the travel guide, I'd like to see that myself, it sounds like an interesting book if there is one .

2012-Mar-30, 08:15 AM
Down on the surface of Venus..

'Ahem'.. you can not have a book. :):(

The environment being so hostile at to be combustive to your book before you even open it...

We do not have the hardware to go there now.. it's really rough..

Acid and pressure and wind and just way to hot.. and sorry for the not so great but still true, humour..:rolleyes:

If you are not happy with the 'Wikipedia site.. try NASA.. they have much and will be updating constantly..

I do not know of any high detail maps. I do recall a radar mapping mission, but have not seen the results..

2012-Mar-31, 12:03 AM
David Grinspoon's book Venus Revealed was published in 1997 but is so excellent that it's still worth reading.

2012-Apr-01, 08:13 AM
Well I see two for Venus Revealed. Maybe that's the way to go then, use that as a grounding and try to update myself via online articles once I've read it.

Cheers, folks.