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2002-May-22, 10:00 PM
Thought provoking & with astronomical implications!

2002-May-23, 12:33 AM
I just hope they consider the example of Bosenovas before proceeding very far with this. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

2002-May-23, 01:13 AM
After many paragraphs of introduction and re-introduction, and re-re-introduction, he doesn't really explain why causing rubidium atoms to behave contrary to normal would prevent political tension in the world. Why doesn't he just say so right up front?

While reading , I was reminded somewhat of Bergson's Elan Vital philosophy, which influenced French philosophers and even the French military in World War I.

Didn't see an obvious connection with astronomy. (?)

2002-May-23, 04:50 AM
Because it's easier to see the stars when there aren't thick, radioactive clouds overhead?

2002-May-23, 06:11 AM
One thing I have noticed with groups that make claims such as at the cited site above is that there are certain themes in the ramblings.

One theme is that the writer is not. There is no orderly progression of the material. It rambles from topic to topic and back again. Perhaps it makes sense to the author in some way.

Another theme is exaggerating the status of meeting with people who are well known. Speaking to a Congressmen can be anything from interrupting them in the hallway to scheduling a meeting which anyone can do during times the officials make themselves available. Being asked to return can be a brush off such as call my office and they'll help you.

My favorite is, 'presented at the XYZ conference', when what was really done was asking a question or making a comment at the mike during someone else's lecture, if the claim wasn't totally fabricated.

I suspect that astronomy groups such as the lunar conspiracy folks have similar web pages. There are many in the medical field.

I have had educated persons ask me about some E-mail rumor like aspartame, (sugar free sweetner), is toxic, when the E-mail is a page of poorly written material. That alone should have tipped the person off.

I see I could just as well have posted this under the Phobos header also. Reading that stuff reminded me of two other themes in the statements from what I consider less than credible groups. The phrase scientifically proven or something to that effect is often used. When I hear those words I know the author doesn't have much science background. (Or, I am about to hear a commercial.)

The other theme I have seen before is that when challenged to provide documentation or data supporting the premise, the old, 'you're part of the conspiracy' or 'you just can't accept the facts because you're brainwashed (not usually phrased that way but with the same meaning)' is the response. Sometimes followed with, 'I'm not going to talk to you anymore'.

Though this thread has not gotten that far, the Phobos thread has. I assume the persons bringing up these ideas are sincere. But, I am sincere when I say that poorly written presentations are rarely if ever credible.

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