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2012-Apr-09, 04:02 PM
Our new digital television comes with very
weedy teletext pages in the UK. Instead of
a full page of text we get a couple of simple
paragraphs on one side of the screen and we
need to keep clicking to read the full account.
And the picture is there as well. Heck, text
used to be an escape from unwelcome images.
Thank heaven the mute still exists.

When television text came in 30-40 years ago
it was sort of a poor mans internet though
one way. My late Father wanted a set when he
heard he could get racing results quickly on
a Saturday afternoon. It was quite good at
first. But I always felt they held back on
much improvement like memory for subpages
and flash through to see what was there.

And the obvious reason? Advertisers want their
audience tied to the normal screen! And
program makers. So the normal tricks come out
telling the public they are getting what they
want while cutting back.

What do I want? Well a mute button for horrible
backround music for a start. Lots of local news
pages from all over the country and FULL pages
on the screen again. But too late, the powers in
the background have done their mischief!

2012-Apr-09, 11:54 PM
Our teletext hasn't been "decent" for quite a while: full of ads for um, adult entertainment and business propositions. Still, I find myself browsing to the internet interface for the teletext pages regularly, there must be something right about that way of presenting the news and other current info. Is there an online interface to Ceefax, like there is for (at least one) Dutch teletext (http://teletekst.nos.nl/)?

(ETA: It occurs to me that your posts (and jeff root's) resemble teletext in their formatting. No offense. :) )

2012-Apr-11, 03:56 AM
Our local (N.Z.) Satellite T.V. provider has just started sending closed captions (subtitles for the hard of hearing) via the Teletext frequencies.

Currently that seems to be the best use of Teletext here.

2012-Apr-11, 11:32 AM
Yes the teletext subtitles service is still
very good for those who need it.

I still use a set top box for the internet
so please excuse it a while yet. Broadband
beckons but the line about direct debit is
still everywhere. Wont touch it!

Heid the Ba'
2012-Apr-11, 12:08 PM
My late Father wanted a set when he
heard he could get racing results quickly on
a Saturday afternoon. It was quite good at

I never followed the Sport of Kings but spent many a happy saturday afternoon following the football scores, jumping from Ceefax to Teletext and back to see which had been updated most recently. Late night perusal of Eurosport and DSF text for the NFL updates was another guilty pleasure.

I hadn't chacked it for about a decade until about a year ago when I was badly disappointed by what is now on offer.