View Full Version : Breaking News Controversial North Korean Rocket Launch Apparently Fails in Flight

2012-Apr-13, 01:40 AM
North Korea has just gone ahead with their announced intentions and launched the highly controversial Unha-3 long range missile a short while ago at 7:39 AM local time, as reported by CNN, NBC, Fox and other news media on live TV broadcasts at 7 PM EDT, some 2 hours ago. The 3 stage rocket apparently [...]

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Jeff Root
2012-Apr-15, 03:40 PM
"The international reporters who had gathered for the event were
caught off guard, in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang, many
hundreds of miles distant from the launch site."

About 50-60 miles according to my atlas.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

2012-Apr-16, 06:42 PM
Wow, they really can't catch a break in this rocketry business. Maybe they should go for the USSR approach, only announce success ex post facto.