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2004-Aug-26, 02:44 AM
Imagine we had a telescope that could see all the way to the edge of the universe as a satellite sees the earth...wouldn't the actual stuff there be completely different from what we see, due to the light traveling such a distance? So you can't really say you're looking a distance, because you're actually looking back in time. If the big bang is right, then all that stuff was originally in the same spot as the stuff we're made out of, so you could say it's a part of us. Isn't that an awfully inefficient way to look at ourselves?

Or how about this..electromagnetic energy bounces of the edge of the universe like a mirror..so some of the galaxies we see are actually reflections.

2004-Aug-26, 05:30 AM
Isn't that an awfully inefficient way to look at ourselves?
I dunno, we look at our baby pictures sometimes. Seems kinda like the same thing.

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2004-Aug-26, 06:07 AM
Hi motus, and welcome to the board.

I'm an inquiring mind just like yourself, and I posted a similar question to yours not too long ago about a mirror universe.

Here's a link to that thread.


Going back and looking at it now, I realize I had an unanswered question. :-?

Ahh well, it will at least provide some insight. ;)

2004-Aug-26, 07:34 AM
Oh yeah, now I remember that the universe is shaped like a donut, so it wouldn't bounce off, it would show up that the other side...