View Full Version : What a Space Shuttle Launch REALLY Sounded Like

2012-May-01, 03:10 PM
When I attended my first space shuttle launch, the most amazing thing about the whole launch experience may have been the sound. Being there at Kennedy Space Center is nothing like seeing it on television. When the sound waves travel across the 5.6 km (3.5 miles) from the launchpad to the KSC press site, the [...]

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2012-May-01, 06:51 PM
Hi, I was stationed at Port Canaveral back in the early 70's. Front row seat for launches. A Titan C3 will get your attention. Also.... Observation Island launched our own Polaris and Poseidon Missles for test. I was up in CIC,
about 30 feet from the motor when it ignites, but inside the ship. Entertaining for sure.
See you on the launch pad.

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