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2012-May-28, 03:07 AM
I tried so hard to go from analog to digital at school and converted all of my hand written notes to digital. I used Libre/Open Office to create PDF files of everything and then somehow lost the original office files before/while converting the pdf's to epub's for my kindle/kobo via Calibre.

(This is pure and simple user error, I have no other excuse. I was trying to keep track of the original scanned pdfs of handwritten notes, the Office files, some html files, the PDF output, the final epubs and must have lost my mind for a moment and pressed delete on a directory or overwrote it.)

What I used to have is Spanish words, Psychology, and Sociology vocabulary lists in tables, but now what I have is a list of words that run together and have odd spacing which look nothing like the tables I had.

Is there a better or alternative pdf to epub converter? I have always relied on Calibre.

2012-May-28, 12:51 PM
Afraid I've also only used Calibre, but I was never happy with the conversion results it gave me when it came to html/pdf and tables. I just resolved to read them as PDFs on my e-book instead.

2014-Oct-16, 12:08 PM
Solfe, try please convertio.co/pdf-epub/ it is best PDF to EPUB Converter