View Full Version : Kindle newbie on airplane?

2012-May-28, 03:39 AM

So, I finally got a Kindle Touch. Actually mainly because it's a cheap and lightweight alternative to carrying hundreds of pages of sheet music on vacation (not that it will be easy to sight read from it)

But I also have a few ebooks on it and now a question came up. I seem to remember that the "turn off all electronics" announcement on an airline flight includes the Kindle. But how do I turn a Kindle off?



2012-May-28, 04:02 AM
The fire has a switch on the bottom. Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn off.

2012-May-28, 05:02 AM
Remember to turn the wireless off in the main menu before you do this - so you can turn it back on in flight.

2012-May-29, 03:33 AM
But since the Kindle touch uses the eInk display there is a page or an ad visible at all times.
Does that mean the device is only "on" when I turn a page or browse the contents?

Makes sense that when WiFi is turned off the device is "off".

2012-May-29, 04:47 AM
The Kindle only uses power to change what is on the page - with wireless off and screen locked it uses no power and does nothing. Then when you unlock the screen (provided wireless is off) and start turning the pages it is safe to use in flight (outside takeoff and landing, of course).

That is how when I left mine in a corner for weeks and totally ran the battery out I still had a "Battery empty" display being shown!