View Full Version : If Earth was in Venus's orbit how long til the oceans boiled?

Messier Tidy Upper
2012-May-31, 05:43 AM
From the question asked here :


(Comment #17 on that thread with attempted answers in comments # 27 & #36 the last one and suggestion to ask it here being mine.)

If Earth was put where Venus is today, how long would it take until the oceans boiled?

2012-May-31, 11:37 PM
I'm not sure they would.

2012-Jun-01, 12:22 AM
Well it shouldn't be hard to calculate the amount of increased solar energy. That formula is pretty easy. From memory it is about 2x the amount the Earth gets. The issue you have is that amount of increased energy might not boil the oceans off. It may evaporate the oceans but a lot of that will depends on very complex atmospheric models.

2012-Jun-01, 05:05 AM
I think he meant "boiling" as "vanishing completely". I know an old pc game I used to play did exactly that.

Ara Pacis
2012-Jun-01, 05:29 AM
Are we talking about evaporation and UV photodissociation of hydrogen leaving a dry surface and thick, hot CO2 atmosphere?